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Glutathione Injection

The Importance of Glutathione

Known as “The Mother of All Antioxidants,” glutathione is a powerful antioxidant naturally occurring in our body. It is capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides and heavy metals. Glutathione infusions have proven to be effective in improving overall skin tone, liver detoxification, helping manage high blood pressure, reduction of inflammation, boosting the immune system and relief of side effects associated with chemotherapy treatments.

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Why Glutathione?

The National Institute of Health has reported that nearly 117,00 peer reviewed scientific articles have addressed this powerhouse molecule. Experts are now recognizing that an alarming rate of people are deficient because of premature aging, infections, chronic stress, injuries, environmental toxins, genetically modified foods, overuse of antibiotics, radiation, and artificial sweeteners.

Most vitamin infusion treatments last 30-45 minutes and offer patients a variety of health benefits.

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