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We proudly Offer Discounted Ketamine Infusion Therapy for All Military Personnel & First Responders

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Denton, US ARMY Infantry Veteran

I am a US ARMY Infantry Veteran, suffering from PTSD and depression. I am convinced that my Ketamine therapy along with my continued relationship with God has tremendously alleviated my depression issues, as well as helping me deal better with my feelings and emotions. I don’t turn to alcohol or substances to try to self medicate anymore!

The staff at Ketamine Clinic of West Texas is amongst the most knowledgeable set of people in the field of Ketamine Therapy. The brand new facility is very comfortable and relaxing. The care is extended through an app that you use every day so that the Dr. is aware of your progress day today. I was very comfortable with the treatment plan and support from the staff from day one on out. I couldn’t imagine having gone anywhere else to get the experience and support I received from the Ketamine Clinic of West Texas. If you want genuine care along with your therapy, this is the team to link up with.



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