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Fibromyalgia In Men Vs. Women by Ketamine Clinic of West Texas in Midland, TX

Fibromyalgia In Men Vs. Women

Your arm hurts – maybe because you re-arranged furniture all weekend. You’ve had trouble sleeping – it may be due to stress at work. And now you’re having more anxiety than ever before – maybe…

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Woman struggling with PTSD and deprssion

Is PTSD A Mood Disorder?

Anyone who survives a dangerous or life-threatening situation may act differently afterward – fearful, reserved, avoiding things that remind them of trauma. For many people, the feelings subside naturally, but for others, they fester, getting…

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anxiety treatment in midland tx

Is Anxiety A Disability?

You made an unexpected presentation at work and your heart raced, you felt tense, but the anxiety was temporarily exhilarating. Then you noticed the same feelings when doing less important tasks and had to take…

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