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Clarissa Doss

Clarissa Doss by Ketamine Clinic of West Texas in Midland, TX

Clarissa Doss

To say that the Ketamine Clinic of West Texas and Tammy are amazing is an enormous understatement!

I have battled with anxiety and depression for the majority of my adult life (I’m 38) but in the last year both have become tremendously worse. After too many anxiety attacks and a deepening depression, my husband asked if I would be open to something other than medication and counseling. Yes! He quickly found and reached out to Tammy and soon we were headed to the KCWT.

Tammy has a gift; she is incredibly kind and took the time to explain everything that would be happening during the infusion(s). She patiently listened to and answered all our questions. Her bedside manner not only leaves you feeling completely at ease and also knowing that her number one priority is you and what you need.

Amy is another fantastic part of this team. She makes you feel “at home” and allows the process to go the way you want it to. If you want to talk, she’ll listen. If you want to be quiet, she’ll do that. At no point do you ever feel uncomfortable!

The actual infusion process in amazing. I understand that it’s different for everyone and every situation. For me, it allowed my body to completely relax and my mind to open to memories and events that I had locked away. I was then able to take these new found feelings and talk with both my husband and psychiatrist about them. (Let me also say that for me it has been extremely helpful to have a psychiatrist that is encouraging of this treatment as well.)

I couldn’t recommend KCWT more!

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