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Children can suffer the same mental illnesses as adults, but their symptoms can be different. Childhood mental illness can be tricky for parents to identify. Because of this, many kids who would benefit from treatment do not receive the help they require. Recognizing symptoms of mental illness in your child is the first step in managing the condition, and helping a child build the skills to lead a productive life....


OCD and Cleaning

Are you obsessed with cleaning products? Does your closet have to be meticulously organized before you begin or end the day? Do you insist that glassware be arranged in the kitchen cupboards or pantry specifically by shape, height, size? If yes, then you may suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). THE TOP 10 SIGNS YOU MAY HAVE OCD OCD is a mental disorder that affects a small number of Americans – only...


How To Help Someone With Anxiety

The truth is, it’s hard to be there for someone you care about if they are struggling with anxiety. You can’t see the pain they are going through, so it may seem impossible at times to know how to help them through their struggles. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to be there for your loved one, and social support can be a great boon to them during their times...


How To Know If You’re Depressed

Sadness is just one part of the human emotional spectrum, something that everyone is going to feel from time to time. Depression is more than just sadness - the feelings of sadness are greater and go far beyond normal levels. Depression makes it hard to function in your everyday life. It can be difficult to tell if what you are experiencing is just sadness, or full-blown depression. Read more to figure...

treatment for anxiety midland

What is separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety disorder is the most prevalent anxiety disorder in children under the age of 12,” according to Psychology Today. During any 12-month period in America, the frequency of separation anxiety disorder is about 4 percent among children, but lower for adolescents (about 1.6 percent) and even smaller among adults, between 0.9 to 1.9 percent among, per the DSM-5. It’s a condition that happens equally in men and women, but the symptoms can be treated.

seasonal affective disorder treatment

What is seasonal affective disorder?

If you suffer from depression or any other mental health disorder, you’re not alone and shouldn’t feel like you’re adrift without help in sight. According to the National Alliance of Mental illness, about 20 percent of U.S. adults experience mental illness, and four percent suffer from “serious mental illness.” Like many other kinds of depression, including seasonal affective disorder, mental health disorders affect men, women, and about 17 percent of children age six to 17.

How to live well with chronic pain

Pain, whether it’s acute – temporary, and will often subside on its own, or chronic – persistent, undefined, affects how people live, work, and manage the rigors of everyday life. It’s a condition that affects more than 50 million people every year and can be as equally damaging to someone’s mental wellness as their physical health. If you suffer from chronic pain, know this: The symptoms can be managed through education, effort, and understanding you’re not alone.

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