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Neuropathic Pain Treatment

Ketamine Infusions for Neuropathic Pain Treatment in Midland, TX

A new and innovative treatment option now available in Midland, TX, that offers fast and efficient relief from a variety of chronic pain conditions including neuropathy. Traditionally used as a sedative or anesthesia, ketamine has recently become an interesting treatment for neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is highly debilitating and affects up to 10% percent of the population. It can result from nerve damage, cancerous growths, or dysfunctional patterns in transmission within the nervous system.

Neuropathic pain leads to not only physical impairment but also impacts the sufferer’s mental health and general well-being. It tends to remain unique and challenging to treat, in spite of decades of research devoted to discovering an efficient solution. This has driven researchers to look for cutting-edge treatments, the most recent and highly encouraging of which is the administering of Ketamine.

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Why Ketamine?

Ketamine has been identified for its ability to block the release of glutamate, which can be very beneficial in alleviating nerve pain. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter that interacts with NMDA receptors and plays an important role in neurological functions like acknowledging pain. Ketamine blocks this receptor by hindering it from activating and interfering with any release of glutamate – all while providing fast relief!

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If you’re struggling with severe neuropathic pain that has been resistant to conventional forms of treatment, consider talking with the team at Ketamine Clinic of West Texas about Ketamine Infusion Therapy for neuropathic pain treatment. Numerous medical research studies over the past few years have displayed its efficiency among patients with chronic nerve pain arising from a variety of origins. With appropriate dosage and cautious administration, Ketamine has the potential to bring you quick, lasting, and much-needed pain relief.

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